What's Stopping You from Using Video for YOUR Business?

Are you a consultant, professional or specialist with an expertise?  Then you can use video to find prospects & convert them into customers.

Why Video?

People Watch, Remember and Take Action with Videos

  • Website visitors stay on your site longer.
  • It converts better.
  • They remember your information better.


How You Can Use Video to Grow Your Business

My services help you find prospects and convert them into loyal customers. Here's how:

  • Marketing & Branding - Videos are the fastest and most effective way to build trust online. People can see, hear and feel you. And they remember more of what you said because it hits all of their senses.
  • Teaching and Training Online - Imagine leveraging your expertise for both marketing and sales. Use content marketing (aka "teach marketing") to create YouTube videos that people seek out. You can then convert viewers to customers by leading them to your site and services. You can even create online courses that sell over and over to make money while you sleep!
  • Selling Your Expertise and Services - Use an Explainer Video to help people clearly understand what you do and what the benefits are. Use a Customer Success Story video to show how you helped a client achieve success. Or create a Video Book Trailer to sell your book or a Video Sales Letter to sell a product. There are many ways to use videos to boost your bottom line.
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About Doug

Exploring and Learning About Others, then Sharing It with the World

These same skills help businesses create content that can be used for marketing, teaching, training and selling.

"Describe yourself in two words" were the instructions.

I felt into it, reflected back on my life as a writer, photographer, editor, adventurer and personal growth workshop junkie.

Explorer.  And Messenger.

That's the essence of my life.  I love exploring the inner and outer worlds of people and places, then helping others "get it" through words, pictures and film.

That, along with tech prowess, is what I bring to the table when working with clients.  I'm able to help them find the essence of what they do, and then express it in a way that others can find value in - and then act upon it.

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Doug Greene

"He's good.  Use him!"

What Clients Say About DougGreeneMedia

Brings Innovation, Technical Expertise & Follow-through

"Doug coached us to think differently about how to present our content to make it more attractive to our users. He came fully prepared to handle all of our needs for the day. He kept the set light-hearted and encouraged us to bring our best selves forward as we filmed without trying to control or manipulate in any way.  His follow-up is incredibly fast - plus he offered several creative options on how to edit the final product.

I especially like how he offers opinions on how best to create high quality product from years of education and yet is also willing to accommodate some of our differing styles. We created a better product with his guidance and appreciated how incredibly easy it was to collaborate with him.

Doug brings an innovative spirit to all that he does and is constantly researching and educating himself about the latest technologies and strategies for success. I trust him to guide us all and create videos we can be proud of."

Diana Chapman, Founder and Advisor
Conscious Leadership Group

Rare Combination of Content Creation & Technical Expertise

"I couldn’t be happier with Doug’s work.  He has the technical expertise and equipment to ensure my videos have the highest quality visual, lighting and sound for my media project. But even more important - he draws on his vast content background to help me  identify the best content to include and the right context in which to use it.

When I met Doug, I immediately felt comfortable with him, like an old friend. He made me feel at ease in front of the camera. In creating an instructional video for my business, he quickly learned about my profession and asked me all the right questions to help me identify and express the content I wanted to share with my audience. Doug worked hard on every aspect of creating my product and it turned out amazing."

Shana Walters, Speech-Language Pathologist & Founder
Shana Walters & Associates

Produced a Great Video Trailer for My Book

"Doug created a video book trailer for my book Divorce Done Easier.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I appreciated his guidance on all aspects of creating it. He was able to ascertain the key points to emphasize by interviewing me.  He then helped me understand how to best structure it, which visuals to use, and how to close.

And working with Doug was easy.   Despite his having limited access to me because of my business responsibilities, he was able to “run with it” and create a trailer that represented my book in a way that appealed to potential buyers.  Beyond the book trailer, he also helped me to understand how the whole content-marketing strategy works."

Carol Delzer, Attorney/ Mediator and Owner
Family Law Center

Helped Me Create an E-Learning Website

"Doug planned and produced an e-learning membership website for my course "How to Write Your Transformational Bestseller".  It was the first time I’d ever created an online course.  Doug planned out the structure of the site so the modules and sections naturally fell into place.

He took care of the technical aspects of pulling all the content together - including audio recordings, transcripts, worksheets, and more.  Thanks to his work the students were able to access the course when and how it was convenient for them.  He also was diligent with following up and helping the students who needed tech help.

Doug took the initiative on virtually all aspects of putting the e-learning site together and made it very easy for me to just concentrate on teaching."

Carol Delzer, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author

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