"Seek, Share & Sell" - A Lifetime of Content Creation

“What one or two words would you use to describe yourself?”  It was a workshop question.

The words that immediately came to mind are “Explorer” and “Messenger.”  

I’ve always been curious about people, the world and how things work. Coupled with that is a desire to teach and help others with what I learn.

This journey has taken me from the peaks of the Rockies to the trenches of Silicon Valley to the wild & wooly world of the Internet. 

I combined my love of outdoor adventure with photojournalism.  My work has appeared in the L.A. Times, NY Times, Outside, Ski, American Cinematographer and many other publications. 

While living in Sun Valley, Idaho I worked as both a magazine editor and newspaper photo editor.   After a kayaking accident I pursued my next adventure – Silicon Valley.  

During my stint there I worked at five start-ups and Cisco Systems.  I worked as a webmaster, information architect, and content producer for Advanced Services Sales at Cisco.  

My time in “the Valley” taught be both the craziness and possibilities of the Internet.  After taking an extended sabbatical while traveling through Asia, I returned to content creation.

Since then, I’ve focused on how to use digital media to sell.  This includes email copywriting, simple video planning & production, and helping consultants and professionals find and sell with their story.

If you’re a consultant or professional and have a proven service or product to sell, contact me.  Let’s see if I can help you.